Saturday, October 25, 2014

Test and trust

I deeply believe that my children are the jewels entrusted to me by Allah. They are pure, precious and sinless. It is my biggest mission to protect them with my life.
Some people say parenting is like learning to swim and get drowned at the same time. True indeed.
I am so afraid that my goal to get a master degree is harming them. Selfish, some might cruelly say. You dont know how much that word torn me.
If its up to me, I would give up everything and be there all the time. However, our financial status gets in the way. Honestly, we are to be blamed for being tactless in managing it in the early days of our marriage. Lesson learnt. The best thing is, we would not learnt that fact if we were not blessed with them. Allah is The Best of All Planners.
With that being said, the plan to get the master and doctoral degrees is like shooting two birds with one stone. Its not only fulfilled my dream, it will also provide us with the financial means to raise our children.
I just pray that it will not be too late.
Pray, pray, pray.
I pray Allah will help us along the way.
The prayers are endless.
I pray that my children are not affected along the way.
I pray that they will understand.
I pray for their health.
I pray that I am capable of educating them.
I pray that my husband and I are blessed intellectually, spritually, physically, financially for this trust.