Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Plan by the Best of Planners

Presently, my life is still rotating on its axis.  Thank Allah for that.  And, although boredom has been a friend of mine for a while, unemployment is not exactly at the centre of my worries.  There are many other things fill my thoughts.  
First, there is Aisyah and her focus on education to be mended.  I am so worried of her studies I found myself planning for intensive tuition for her like an old nagging schoolteacher.  But seriously, her focus does need some mending allright.
Then, somewhere in Putrajaya, my dysfunctioning cellphone has to be replaced.  I hate it so much for shutting me from my friends, I feel like throwing it over the sea.  However, thanks a lot to Makcik Wawa, I am still connected to the world via Facebook.
Thirdly, my baju raya and kasut raya for this year are Nadia's and Mama's sponsorship.  Even though unemployment does not worry me, it does have an impact on this year's Raya celebration for me. (LOL)
Fourth, Atuk's illness is on my mind for sometime now.  For a crazy moment I imagined him as an old man with history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension presented at my clinic with pus-filled blister.  Noncompliant to his medications, this man refuse to be referred to the hospital.  If this man is my patient, I would say that it is totally his choice.  But he is my grandfather who I love dearly as nearly much as I love my parents.  It is my choice too.  And the silliest and stupidest fact is that it should be on everybody's mind because it is everybody's choice too.  Why don't they worried about his health problems as much as I do?  They love him as much as I do, don't they?
Fifth, somebody budged me on YM a few hours ago, requesting for my research paper.  I hate people who rely on others' effort so much that they keep bothering others with their insensitive requests.  I am totally OK with helping in the form of giving opinion or something like that.  But who they think they are to critique on my unemployment, copy my papers and get away with it?
Nearly every inquiry about my unemployment ended in one single fact.  I am left behind by the establishment.  My contemporaries who received scholarships from the same establishment are already working.  It is irritating.  They claimed that they are lacking of nurses.  But it looks like the establishment does not give a damn, does it?  So what if they have to import some foreign nurses who can't speak our mothertongue?  The other establishment who claimed to ensure nurses' welfare probably are cheering to know that their degree nurses are unemployed and embracing the presence of these foreign nurses.
Come to think of it, unemployment does affect me.  If I have a job right now, I would not be thinking about my sister's Mathematic lessons, my broken cellphone, Hari Raya celebration, my grandfather's blisters, my undergraduate research paper and the establishment's ignorance.  I will have to live with these facts for sometime.  It must be another episode of my life that is planned for me by Allah, the Best of Planners.

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