Thursday, January 1, 2009

A bright light

I see a bright torch in front of me. It is not so far. Just a few paces away. And I am weary from a long, dark, lonely journey. I want to grasp the torch so much. It will be nice, no, it is necessary for me to have such a bright light in my journey. The presence of this bright light will prevent accidents such as fall. It can help me find the right way. I might pick a wrong lane. But walking with light is better than groping my way through the darkness ahead. Way much better.

My weary heart cheers at the sight of the bright light after a period of pitch-black darkness. I am so cold, I yearn the warmth of the torch.

I sit and weigh my options. I can grasp the torch without considering the torch might belong to someone else. Or the torch can be a trap or a dysfunctioning torch ( which might blow up the moment i touch it. The younger, inexperienced, careless me may have took the torch without thinking any further. But no, I dont want to make that mistake anymore.

So I sit there thinking. Weighing the benefits and the risks. The torch will be a great help, i know. But if i take the torch and carry it with me through the journey, and the torch may dimmed and burned out before my journey ends. Even worse, it burns out when i need it the most during an adventurous part of my journey. It will be frustrating. The world will seem darker than it has been before. I may have been getting so used to the light or blinded by the bright light that later i forget how to find my way in the dark anymore.

I sigh. I feel like staying there. But what about my journey? I still have a long way to go. I want to see everything the world has to offer. And the bright light. It is a necessity. Or is it a luxury?

Ya Allah.. Alhamdulillah for the bright light. It is a nice sight after a tiring journey. But what do I have to do next?..

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