Saturday, January 31, 2009

why do i love the sea?

because the sea reminds me of the Greatness of the Great Creator. the vastness of the sea makes me feel so small, minuscule.

looking at the sea can be calming and disturbing at the sametime. at times, the sea can be mystifying. other times, it can be cheering.

just by looking out at the sea, my heart wants to sing. my heart wants to write a poem. my heart wants to scream. my heart wants to weep.

i love the sea. i love the furiousness of the waves. i love the mysterious sight of the deep sea. i love the feeling of the breeze on my skin. i love the reflection of the moon on the water. i love the sight of the rising sun beyond the horizon.
i simply love the sea.

picture by Laurel Gaylord

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