Friday, February 13, 2009

The chaos of research project

In the midst of the hectic that is happening in my life right now, with my perplexing love life conundrum, with the looming final exam and Nursing Board licensing exam, with my parents' midlife conjugal quandary, I am wraggling in the stage of data collection of my research project.

Now, my research project is the best assignment I've ever undertook in these 4 years as a student nurse. Probably the most interesting academic activity I experienced in this life. So, I am doing the best I can, to make sure that this research project is a success.

As I have expected, success does not come easily. In two days of data collection, I did not only manage to evaluate the critically ill patients' level of pain, but also the types of nurses working in the critical care area.

According to my observation and highly biased personal opinion, there are 3 types of nurses. The first type is the optimistic, most motivated and dedicated nurses. They are the best. They are doing everything in their capacity to provide skillful care to the patients. They probably the few ones who had the ambition to be a nurse when they were in school. They have positive attitudes towards education and improvement in patients' care. They help everyone who share their dedication to provide therapeutic care to the patients.

The second type is the neutral ones. They may or may not be skillful nurses. They provide care, allright. But, they probably do it just because they have to. They need the job (and the pay, of course) and they are doing the best they can to stay in it. They might or might not interested in education. They'll help people as long as their comfort zone is not breached.

The third type is the worst, the pessimistic nurses. They have no interest to stay in nursing profession. They are nasty to people no matter they are patients, or doctors, or peers, or laypersons. They are better off to be doing something else instead of staying in nursing and continue to stain the noble reputation of nursing profession.

In this life of student nurse, thank God, there are about 85 percent of the first type of nurses. What makes this life of a student nurse is so difficult and miserable is the other 15 percent comprises of the other 2 types of nurses. And during this research project data collection, the miserable encounter with these types of nurses is almost unbearable. It is killing my self-esteem, my pride and my spirit. These nurses are cynical, sceptical and pain-in-the-ass individuals who do not see the importance of therapeutic communication. They do not even know how to be nice.

Nevertheless, I will not give up. These obstacles and impediments will just keep my self-esteem, my pride and my spirit buoyed up high above the water. I will not lose my head and drowned under. Insha' Allah.

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