Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nervous? Anxious? Or just compulsively fidgeting?

March is approaching. As March starts, my life will be a race against time. Research progress presentation, Health Management assignments submission, Diabetic Foot Management case study presentation, Research data analysis, etc. etc. And lets not forget, the job hunting season is not over yet.

My room will once again become stuffy and scattered with books, papers and stuffs. My laptop will be overused and overloaded. My meals will be forgotten (or not~haha~stress will aggravate hunger, Ayuni~). Novels will have to be put aside.

My mood will become labile and I will get easily grumpy at times. This is a warning. Hence, dear friends, I am so sorry if I hurt anyone of you unnecessarily.

Mama and Abah, you are both in my mind always, and no matter how seldom we talk, the spirit you both have put in me will be kindled forever.

Last but absolutely not the least, my love, I hope you'll understand my swings of emotion. But then, you always do. You have been so understanding for the past decade of our lives.

Ya Allah Ya Nasir, please help me through this chaotic finality of my undergrad study...Please help me, help me, help me...

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