Thursday, February 19, 2009

The rain and the river

My love for him flows like a creek from deep mountain into a river and flows forth into the sea. Sometimes it flows slowly, gently and affectionately through. Sometimes it tumultuously streaming full of passion and yearning.

Once, there was a dam in the river. It kept my love from pouring forth. Nonetheless, it failed to hold. The turbulence was so strong and had smashed the dam into pieces. Next thing I knew, all the feelings I've been suppressing, bottled-up inside me surge out. He welcomed it gratefully and lovingly. I had never knew of how much love that I've been containing inside all this while until last night. But I know he, too, was surprised by the intensity of the infatuation.

His love is like the rain. It cools the heated earth. It moistened and dampened the dry land. It rejuvenates the trees. It waters the river. It is loyal. It gives hope. It is reviving. It is
calming. It brings and renews hope. It inspires faith.
I love him. And he loves me. It is all that matters.

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