Monday, February 23, 2009

Tomorrow will be better than today

After a few days of abandoning diary-writing and planner-filling, I feel like my life was moving on a speedy wheel with a broken brake system. It spun wildly and dangerously, I was unable to hold on the most important thing I need to do each day. Obviously, I need to take some serious corrective action.

And just now, I was writing my resume and application letter for hospitals I was hoping I can work in. I realized that I have to stress on my strength on a few subjects and field of interest. So, I sifted through my result slips. Then, I felt like crying. Ah alas, how much I regret all the times wasted on unimportant matters and unrealistic dreams.

Still, life has to go on. And I shall try, with all my might, to fill it with flying colours. I had done it before. I should be able to relive the glory. This is my only chance. Please Allah The Almighty..Please help me..

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